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A simple & comprehensive platform

for COVID safety on set

Built from first-hand experience with productions returning to work under COVID protocols, every feature of ReadySet was created to solve real problems faced by on-the-ground Health Safety teams and their crews. Our goal is to give these teams powerful tools to address their logistical needs so that they can focus on keeping productions running as safely as possible and filmmakers can go back to creating the work people love.

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Our Team

Reena Magsarili Raasch

CEO & Co-Founder

Reena joined the film industry at completion bond leader Film Finances, Inc in 2011 and has since spent almost a decade working in Production Finance and Production Management for independent and major studio film projects with budgets ranging from $1 million to $100 million in Los Angeles, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Hawaii. Prior to her film career, she spent 4 years managing lifestyle brands and consumer product start-ups.


After planning and supervising one of the first productions to return to work after the shutdown, Reena co-founded ReadySet motivated by a sincere desire to help the film industry operate more efficiently and effectively in their efforts to keep cast and crew safe on set.

Reena graduated with a BA in Film from Stanford University. 


Will Raasch

CTO & Co-Founder

Will has over 10 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. He led Baxter Healthcare's Albumin operations, producing 3.5 million life-saving doses annually under aseptic ventilation, testing, and PPE constraints that have now become essential to COVID protection.


In 2015, he built WeHealth, an online matchmaker for rare disease patients and clinical trials. When the lockdown put non-essential clinical trials on hold, he shifted focus to helping film productions return to work by developing their COVID protocols and overseeing their Health & Safety teams. He built the ReadySet platform to give these teams automation tools to do their jobs more successfully.

Will holds a BS in Biological Sciences from Stanford University and a MBS from Keck Graduate Institute.


Kurt Woolner

Chief Advisor

Kurt is the former Co-Owner and President of Film Finances, Inc. He started at FFI in 1984, helping to establish its Los Angeles office and eventually growing the company into the global market-leading film completion bond company that it is today. Kurt is also Co-Founder and Co-Owner of CASHet Card LLC, which was formed in 2012 and is now the leading digital payment solution company in the entertainment industry.

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