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A better way to keep cast & crew safe on set.

ReadySet automates the logistics of screening and testing, makes it easier to communicate vital information to crew, and centralizes everything on one cloud-based platform that updates in real-time and can be accessed securely from any phone, tablet, or computer.


We make COVID protocol management more efficient 

so that health safety teams can spend more time ensuring compliance,

producers can focus more on filmmaking,

studios can have more peace of mind,

and most importantly, crews can be safer. 

“The daily text reminders and imbedded symptom screener maximized efficiency in the daily check-in process which saved the production crucial time each day. 

The ability to customize features based on our project's specific needs was incredibly helpful as we refined our COVID protocols in the context of shooting.” 


—  Fiona Walsh Heinz, UPM/Co-Producer

Symptom Screener

Our COVID screener is built specifically for film production and provides daily zone, pod & testing info for each crew member.

Screener reminders can be programmed to be sent out to crew via text message.


Test Scheduling & Notifications

Testing is a full time job, requiring a coordinator to send hundreds of emails, schedule tests, and ensure that tests are carried out according to production needs.


We remove inefficiencies and automate 80% of this work.


A convenient place for your crew to view COVID safety training videos and take compliance quizzes. Track training status in the Admin dashboard.


Safety Training


Info Hub

Give everyone on your project one easy-to-access place to get updates and review protocols.


Safety Reports

...easy to aggregate on a daily basis on ReadySet, these reports help production management make informed decisions about when to take action to mitigate risk and can also assist with contact tracing.

Digital Daily Timesheets

...are long overdue and now required by paperless protocols.  Crew can submit timesheets on ReadySet via their mobile device and times are immediately accessible by Production & AD staff with Admin permissions.

Crew Communication key with new COVID protocols. Contact info is more accessible on-the-go with our searchable crew list. Admins can send bulk text messages to crew with alerts too important to get lost in increasingly jammed email inboxes. 

Meal Ordering advance is now often necessary to follow health safety precautions. We streamline this process by bundling meal ordering with our daily symptom screener.



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